are  we  a  good  Fit?

Not any photographer is right for you.

If you want to save real memories you need to let me get into your life, your home, the day of your wedding. That’s how I’ll be able to portray intimate and special moments.

I recommend to hire a photographer (me or other) which style you like but you also you have to like her/him! You need to feel comfortable in her/his presence.

That’s why I never book a date for any event before we met each other.

Besides I am a big supporter of getting together to chat, just because. So, if you are up for it, let me know. There is always a time to share a cup of coffee.

Call me!

Mi number is  +54 9 261 663 7889

If  I’m going to tell your story, it’s only fair that you know mine.

I was born and raised in a big house with a brother and a sister, and several dogs.

I studied engineering and I practiced for several years far away from my dear hometown. Around 2013 I came across a person that taught me photography, with him I gave my first steps in this profession. It was back then when I discovered all you can communicate through an image. That’s how my romance with photography started.


Documentary photography

Sounds so serious, right? Stay calm! It’s actually quite the opposite.

Documentary photography is a style that implies to tell a story through images, documenting big and little things, without modifying the scene. It is also called Storytelling Photography.

I make this style my own, through my look, trying to create artistic images with impact. Images that recall memories, images with meaning.

I think the reason I like this style so much is that I have really bad memory -in the long run-. I forget things, I forget places and I forget people. But this kind of photos brings me back to certain moments that I cherish. And that’s what I wanna do for you.



In 2015 I decided to get back to Mendoza and change course to start my own photography business. That’s how all of this was born!

I’ve dedicated tons of time and hard work, but specially a lot of study and practice. I could say I am a self-taught photographer, but I actually have lots of teachers that I have found in different courses and tutorials.

And there is always more to learn, so I’m always at it.


a glance at my everyday life

I am 35 years old but my inner child is always looking for an opportunity to come out to play. I love to jump in the elastic bed, kick the ball a few times -you would never call soccer to what I do-, climb trees, roll down a grass field and much more.

I have two dogs: Taz and Rita. Taz is a saint, but he cries a lot when I leave the house. Rita is not saint and does not cry much. She is very affectionate and somehow knows you would pet her -and there she goes-. Taz is brown and Rita white, they are like the ying and the yang, not only because of their colors but also because of their differences. And I adore them.

My favorite season is summer, even in those 100ºF days. Yes one hundred degrees!

 My preferred transportation method is my bike. It’s very common to see me riding to do my errands. I avoid the car as much as possible. I think fresh air and outdoor activities are the best.

I am always available for coffee and I invite people home. So you know…

I am weird in certain ways: I don´t like bananas, I hate television and I think  butterflies are just worms in a dress. Aggg!

I like to bake cakes, jams, bonbons, desserts. I have a sweet tooth. I also eat savory but I’m really lazzy to cook it.

And I have bad memory, a long term bad memory. With years I forget things, completely! Can you believe it? It’s a bummer! So if it’s been a few years and I do not recognize you, don’t take it the wrong way, it’s just my bad memory. Say hello and let’s get a cup of coffee.

This is the crux of everything: photos are the way I’ve found to remember the big and little things of life. That’s why photography is so important to me.

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