About me

To portray your story I need to know it.
it’s only fair that you know mine.

I have really bad long term memory

I forget things and people, completely. I don’t trust my memory.
But I discovered that my mind brings things back through images…
So photos are a great way to remember.

For a very long time photos were just an attendance list, but now technology allows us to capture the precise moment of the laughs, the tear, the hug.

What a great gift to see an image and remember what was happening, to feel it again.

I don’t know how to pose

I feel terribly uncomfortable when I realize someone is taking a photo of me. I get nervous and my face shows it! Did you watch the series «Friends»? If you did, you know what I mean if I tell you that I do «Chandler’s face» when I see the camera.
In order to get good photos of myself I need to be thinking of something else. I can’t get into the «pose mode».

So I treat all of my clients like they were me. I don’t ask you to pose, I don’t ask you to look at the camera. I just give you something else to think about. I rarely ask you to look at the camera.

I have my methods for you to actually enjoy the photoshoot!
You’ll have to hire me to see them. Can’t spell my secrets…

I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body

I am an engineer. I worked in metallurgical and chemical plants for some time. I thought that creativity was not part of this package.
Until I met a photographer. We dated for some time until he told me «Would you like to learn? I could use a second photographer.»
Being curious as I am, I said yes.

He did weddings. Right up from the first I loved it. I also got pretty decent images. I struggled a little with the technicalities of the camera, but even so I got such cute images.

From then on, I couldn’t leave it… I mean photography, because I did leave the photographer.

There is something good in the worst scenarios

The story with the photographer ended up bad. Sadly. There is a lot of anecdotes to that story, but there is one that warmed my heart.
We worked over 10 weddings together. When the relationship ended I asked for those photos, to use as a starting point in my portfolio. He denied, no reason, he just didn’t want to.
I went straight to the source: I asked some of the couples for the photos to show my work.
They said yes, but there was one answer that blowed my mind.

Ceci: Do you want all the photos… or just the ones you took?
Me: How do you know which is which?
Ceci: It’s easy to notice, your photos are different, they have a vibe, they are special, you get the right moment in every shot.

Beauty is everywhere

Photography changed my life in so many ways.
I’ve taken photos of weddings, families, bottles of wine, hotels, people working, food, tools, ice, construction sites, etc, etc, etc.
The challenge is to get a good image, no matter the subject. Some times is really easy, some times requires a little more attention, but it’s always there. There’s always something beautiful to portray.
With time working as a photographer I made it a habit: to look for the beauty. And it sticked with me.

Today I’m not looking for the beauty, I just see it. Once I got the hang of it I realized that everywhere there is a sound, an image, a flavor, a sent… a hint of beauty.
Beauty is everywhere you just have to pay attention.

A slice of me

I have 3 dogs and I adore them. They are my family.
I don’t like butterflies. They have beautiful wings, but they are still worms. Sometimes hairy worms.
I get nervous before every shoot or event. I always say that the day I don’t, is the day I have to change profession.
I don’t own a TV. I cherish my boredom way too much, it is an incredible source of creativity.
I dance tango. It’s an incredible art of communication… and fun.
I have more plants that I can count.
I meditate and do yoga. My peace is there.
I’m very curious, I love to learn to do new things. Sometimes I do them just once, sometimes they stick to me for good.
My home is my temple. I spend a lot of time here and I do a lot to make it warm and cozy.

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Available for bookings worldwide.

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Mendoza, Argentina


+54 9 261 663 7889



«The best and most
beautiful things
in the world
cannot be seen
or even touched,
they must be felt
with the heart.»
Hellen Keller

Maria Zambrini
Phone: +54 9 261 663 7889
WhatsApp: +54 9 261 663 7889
Email: maryrubio85@gmail.com

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